Cake Margarine

As one of the largest bakery fats suppliers in Europe, we aim to provide a constant in high-quality cake margarine, pastry margarine, shortenings, oils and emulsions

Our entire Cake Margarine range is:
All Vegetable
Non Hydrogenated
GMO Free
Nut Free
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


All our Cake Margarines can be made:
Using fully segregated sustainable palm oil
Using no artificial colours and flavours
Reduced in saturated fat
Low salt margarine
“E” free and salt free

  • Sovereign Cake Margarine
    Our superior brand of margarine. This has a distinctive butter like flavour and is excellent bakery fat for biscuits, cakes and creaming that result in greater volume.
  • Premium AV Margarine
    Quality all round performing cake margarine with excellent creaming properties.
  • Gamma Cake Margarine
    All round performing cake margarine that is ideally suited for a variety of products while utilising just one.
  • Cardex E
    Becoming one of our most popular products with manufacturers that are looking for a margarine that has the same characteristics as regular cake margarine but with cleaner labelling and no salt.
  • King Cole Cake Margarine
    Our original brand King Cole has been with us since 1938 and gives an authentic light and golden sponge.
  • Soft Cake Margarine(RSF)
    A new line developed to aid in the reduction of saturated fats within the finished products.

All the of above can be made in various blends – white, yellow, unsalted, low salt, salted, vitamins etc. Bespoke margarines are available on request.
All in 12.5kg boxes and delivered in 1 tonne pallets.