Pastry Margarine

Our entire Pastry Margarine range is:
All Vegetable
Non Hydrogenated
Suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians
GMO Free
Nut Free

All our products can be made:
Using fully segregated sustainable palm oil
Using no artificial colours and flavours

All our Pastry products are made using the traditional drum method of manufacture.

  • Sovereign Pastry
    Our premium brand pastry margarine is manufactured using the original artisan drum method resulting in a soft easy to use continental type product.
  • Matrix Pastry
    Our mid-range pastry margarine with excellent tolerance that can be used in all pastry methods. Ideal for sweet or savoury puff.
  • King Cole Pastry
    Our original brand that has been with us since 1938. An excellent pastry margarine ideal for all puff uses.
  • Litesum Pastry
    Designed as all-round pastry margarine created for use in plant bakeries ideally using     laminator machines made using our original artisan method of drum manufacturing for that authentic flaky pastry. 

Can be packed in 12.5kg boxes, sliced in 4’s or in Pallet Pack form.
Bespoke Pastry margarine is available on request.
Golden Pastry margarine is also available.
Delivered in 1 tonne pallets – Plastic or Wood.