Sustainability wasn’t a word that was heard very often but, from the beginning, we took our responsibilities very seriously. Our sustainable margarine and other sustainable products depend entirely on the natural world. We must protect our resources and at Cardowan Creameries we have a long tradition of care and thought in everything we do. Our founders recognized that waste and inefficiency had no place in modern manufacturing and with the help of technology their vision is achieved every day.
We constantly challenge our methods and procedures looking for opportunities to improve and we subject our suppliers and their methods to regular, rigorous scrutiny. Sustainability means everyone recognizing that more can always be done. We have high standards and we relentlessly seek to improve them. From sourcing the raw material right through to delivering the finished product to the retailer we demonstrate the highest levels of care and concern for the planet we share.                  
We are fully accredited by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).